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Claxton Poultry Farms

We Make it Our Business to be the Best

Since its humble beginnings in 1949, Claxton Poultry has grown into a top-rated, full-service broiler producer, offering more than 200 products to retail grocers, distributors, restaurants and institutions throughout the Southeast and around the world.

Each year we sell some 300 million pounds of chicken to 750 customers from mom-and-pop restaurants to national chains like Chick-fil-A. Our egg-to-market operations include a processing plant in Claxton, Georgia, a feed mill and two state-of-the-art hatcheries in nearby Glennville and a distribution center in Savannah, employing a total work force of 1,800 men and women.

A family-owned business with generations-deep roots in Georgia, we firmly believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work through scholarship programs, product donations and a range of other quality-of-life improving activities.